Arkansas Razorbacks Football Honors Legends with Throwback Jerseys

The Arkansas Razorbacks football program is paying tribute to its legendary players with throwback jerseys for the 2021 season. The Arkansas Razorbacks Football Jersey will be reminiscent of the iconic uniforms worn by Razorbacks greats, allowing current players to honor their predecessors while representing the proud tradition of the program.

The throwback jerseys feature the timeless combination of cardinal red and white, staying true to the Razorbacks’ classic color scheme. The numbers on the front and back of the jerseys are outlined in white, paying homage to the iconic jerseys of previous generations.

To further celebrate the program’s history, the throwback jerseys prominently feature the Razorbacks’ running hog logo on the chest. This logo, known for its fierce and fearless representation, serves as a reminder of the determination and tenacity that Razorbacks players past and present embody.

“I think it’s essential for our current players to understand and appreciate the legacy of Arkansas Razorbacks football,” said Head Coach Sam Pittman. “Wearing these throwback jerseys not only honors our program’s greats but also reminds our players of the expectations associated with being a Razorback.”

The throwback jerseys will make their debut during a designated game, allowing fans to witness the connection between past and present. The game will be a nostalgic experience, reuniting Razorbacks fans with the iconic uniforms from their fondest memories.